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Sue October 01, 2013 2 Read First! Before placing a service request make sure you have gone through all help files


I  import my keyword list from TLKT into DWS.The software is showing the number of keywords uploaded, ( in this case 22 ), however, the list does not appear, which means i cannot progress with my project.


What happened is that none of your keywords meet your business rules, and you have the filter flag set to show only the keywords which DO meet the rules (the default).

Uncheck the box and hit the submit and your keywords will show up.

Sue September 09, 2013 Read First! Before placing a service request make sure you have gone through all help files

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Sue May 21, 2013 Read First! Before placing a service request make sure you have gone through all help files

While it IS possible to use other keyword tools with DWS, I personally prefer TLKT because I know the data is always fresh.  I've looked recently at other keyword tools like Market Samurai, and I just can't find any that cut the mustard.

DWS needs phrase match competing pages and fairly fresh data to be able to give you the most accurate estimates of how long it will take and how much it will cost for you to get your website ranked and generate traffic.

Market Samurai often serves up data from it's database history, when it can't pull the data fresh for what ever reason, but doesn't tell you when it's pulled it fresh and when it's history. 

More importantly uses Bing data for traffic estimation and competing pages which I haven't been able to correlate consistently so that we can use that data in our algorithms. (source:  These are two of the most important pieces of data used to calculate your cost to rank and time to rank.

That said, if you are still ok with using another keyword tool's data, there is the ability to be able to import anything into DWS though a custom template.

Sue March 08, 2013 How To...

By default, DWS and Network Empire order your content by competing pages in the blueprint.  To change that order do the following:

1.  on the silo framework screen, click on the manage blueprint tab (white menu - furthest right)

2.  then when you click on the "click here" you'll be on the silo manager screen

3.  from there you can adjust the silo order by clicking on the little folder icon with the wrench beside the appropriate keyword

4.  update the silo navigation order to the value indicating where you want the keyword to appear in the order of your blueprint

if you want to adjust the order in your categories, then click on category manager in the white menu bar at the top of that page; or supporting article manager for supporting articles