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Kevin Polley April 7, 2014 Read First! Before placing a service request make sure you have gone through all help files

To Ensure Your Issue is Resolved or Gets Dealt with as Quickly as Possible You Must Read these Help Desk and Wordpress Plugin Procedures BEFORE Opening a Ticket:


First Things First:

You must provide your Username and Password and/or your receipt in the designated help desk fields so that we know you are a customer and how to look you up. We do not provide support for non-customers - or if there is no proof of purchase.  

3 Layers of Support Staff

First of all, a couple of things about how our help desk system works.  Support is the Number One thing we focus on.  We have a full-time highly-qualified technical staff that process our tickets.  Our first line support is very knowledgeable about our products; they consist of Certified Advisors and our Certification Training Team.  Our second line support are the business owners and third line support are our programmers and technical staff.

Quality of Support and Mutual Respect

We handle each ticket one at a time, in depth and endeavor to resolve each issue.  This takes time, and we appreciate your patience as we work through the queue because it means that when we do get to you, you will receive the same kind of treatment.

Hours of Operation and Support

Our staff does not work on evenings and weekends.  Try as I might to crack a whip, they have insisted on taking weekends and evenings off to spend time with family and have a life.

Expected Response Time

Please allow 48 hours for each ticket that you submit.

Refund Policy and Procedure

We back our products 100% and our refunds are rare but if you choose to ask for one please make sure you include your paypal email address, the product you want to have refunded, and how much you paid for it.  

Important! The More Information You Provide The Faster We Solve Your Problems! 

Please include what product you are asking a question about in each ticket you submit    Please include a screen shot or video/screencast whenever possible, if you are asking how to do something or what went wrong. Thank you for helping us out, we appreciate it.

Important! Do Not Submit A Social Explosion Ticket Without This Information:

How to submit a help ticket for Social Explosion

How To Cancel Your Subscription

How to unsubscribe or cancel your Network Empire Membership

Important! Before Submitting a WordPress Plugin Question:

Troubleshooting Our Wordpress Plugins:

Before opening a helpdesk ticket please perform the following troubleshooting procedures for our WordPress plugins:

  1. See our articles on FAQ's and General Plugin Troubleshooting
  2. Make sure you don't have two different silo plugins active at the same time.
  3. Deactivate all other plugins in your blog leaving only this one turned on. Is there still a problem?
  4. Upgrade the Network Empire plug-in to the most recent version. Is there still a problem?
  5. If there is still a problem after you have taken the steps above, is extremely likely that there is an issue with either the theme or your hosting company's server configuration.
    • if possible try recreating the problem on a test blog with a fresh install of wordpress.
    • install the same theme and our plugin, if this fixes the problem then the issue is with some specific setting on your original blog
    • if the problem persists switch to a generic theme like 2015, if this fixes the problem then the conflict is with the theme
    • if the problem still persists, it's most likely your hosting company
  6. Check the list of requirements for your plugin in the specific help file for your plugin

    If you are having the same difficulty after taking the above steps, please proceed

Submitting a ticket for one of our WordPress Plugins:

In order for us to best assist you we will need access to the following items:

  1. The email that you used when signing up for the product or plugin
  2. The email you used to purchase your subscription or subscriptions (plural).
  3. What is your hosting company?
  4. A temporary username and password to any WordPress blog that is failing. This access will need to be admin level.  (Note, if you are not a Pro Member, there will be a fee if we have to access your blog to fix a non-bug related issue)

We will usually get back to you within 48 hours with some information.

How Can I Get Premium Support? (I Am NOT A Pro Bundle Member) 

You will need to pay for Premium Support Here:

3 Hours Maximum of Premium Support Time


Sue Bell October 1, 2013 2 Read First! Before placing a service request make sure you have gone through all help files


I  import my keyword list from TLKT into DWS.The software is showing the number of keywords uploaded, ( in this case 22 ), however, the list does not appear, which means i cannot progress with my project.


What happened is that none of your keywords meet your business rules, and you have the filter flag set to show only the keywords which DO meet the rules (the default).

Uncheck the box and hit the submit and your keywords will show up.

Sue Bell September 9, 2013 Read First! Before placing a service request make sure you have gone through all help files

Click the topics below to go to the appropriate help files:

General Introduction Help Files: 

  1. Before You Open A Help Desk Ticket
  2. New Student "Light-Bulb-Moment" Help File
  3. Skype and HipChat Room Rules and Help File
  4. Zero Tolerance Digital Theft Policy
  5. Read This Before You Even Begin Your Empire - Help File
  6. The Network Empire Product Unconfuser File
  7. Join the Network Empire Affiliate Program Help File
  8. How Do I Upgrade My Network Empire Subscription to Include Krakken?

General Website Silo Architecture Help Files:

  1. Website Silo Architecture General Help File
  2. Bolt-On-Silo For Extant Sites Help File
  3. Renovating a Website and Bolt On Silos Member's Webinar

SEO Silo Blueprint Research Software (Integrates Into Silo Plugins for WordPress):

1. Krakken Silo Blueprint Versus Network Empire Builder Silo Blueprint

WordPress Plugins Help Files

SEO Plugins Help Files:

  1. One Feed Supercharger Plugin
  2. *New 2015 - Simple Silo Builder Help File 
  3. *New 2015 - Deep Silo Builder Help File (Without  Video)
  4. *New 2015 - Video Silo Builder Reloaded Help File (With Video) 
  5. I Have The SEO Silo Plugin, What Should I Buy Next? Help File
  6. Social Explosion WordPress Plugin
  7. Video Krakken Plugin

The Last Keyword Tool Help Files:

  1. The Last Keyword Tool Help file
  2. Building A Local Website with TLKT (The Last Keyword Tool)

Krakken Vertical Online Market Analysis Tool (Big Guns!): 

  1. Complete Krakken User's Manual
  2. Krakken VOMA Software Help File
  3. Krakken Automatic Silo Blueprint Help File

DWS NE Silo WordPress Empire Builder Help Files: 

  1. DWS NE Silo Builder Software Help File
  2. How Many Synonyms and Supporting Keywords Should I Put In An Article?

Local Search Marketing Help Files:

  1. Local Search Ranking Silos Help File - Before You Even Begin
  2. Local Search Marketing Software Bundles Help File
  3. Building A Local Website with TLKT (The Last Keyword Tool)

The PainFinder Application and Phase 1 IS-DNA Research:

  1. The Painfinder Application Help File

WP Social Explosion and NE Social Signal Exchange Network Help Files:

  1. WP Social Explosion Help File
  2. WP Network Empire Social Signals Exchange

Semantic Web Optimization Product Help Files:

  1. New! Semantic Web Optimization Help File
  2. Semantic Themes Overview Help File
     Semantic Pinboard Child Theme
    Semantic 2014 Child Theme
    Semantic Seduction Genesis Theme 

General Network Empire Courses and Training Help File:

  1. Complete List of Network Empire and Theme Zoom Courses Help File

Technical Training Courses Help Files: 

  1. Domain Authority Stacking Course Help File
  2. The Swallow Your Market Whole Advanced Training and Webinar Bootcamps

Traffic Generation Courses Help Files:

  1. GSA Software Training Course Help File
  2. Automatic Video Traffic PinVid Course Help File
  3. The 5-Iframe Punch Traffic System Help File
  4. One Feed To Rule Them All Help File
  5. Premium Content Curation Course Help File
  6. Painfinder Traffic System Help File
  7. Google Plus Plus Course Help File

Persuasion Architecture Tips and Deep Insights:

  1. Frame Control Technology


Krakken Silo Blueprint Versus Network Empire Builder Silo Blueprint

Sue Bell March 8, 2013 How To...

By default, DWS and Network Empire order your content by competing pages in the blueprint.  To change that order do the following:

1.  on the silo framework screen, click on the manage blueprint tab (white menu - furthest right)

2.  then when you click on the "click here" you'll be on the silo manager screen

3.  from there you can adjust the silo order by clicking on the little folder icon with the wrench beside the appropriate keyword

4.  update the silo navigation order to the value indicating where you want the keyword to appear in the order of your blueprint

if you want to adjust the order in your categories, then click on category manager in the white menu bar at the top of that page; or supporting article manager for supporting articles

Sue Bell June 7, 2012 Read First! Before placing a service request make sure you have gone through all help files

To cancel your subscription, simply log into your paypal acct, find the Network Empire transaction in your History list and hit the cancel.

If you have a lot of entries in your history list then there is a quicker way to find your subscription;

Go to the History tab
On this screen, right above the table of transactions there are several options for looking at your activity".
-- At the end of the list is More Filters
-- when you cursor over that a drop down appears and you'll see "subscriptions and agreements"
-- that has a flyout menu that includes "subscriptions" at the bottom.

When you click on that it will show you only your subscriptions and we should be easy to spot there.

We're very sorry to see you go - please drop us a line and let us know if there is something we could be doing better.


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